Server Admin Guide

Just set up Kobun for your server? Learn how to get started!

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So Kobun’s just joined your server. What’s next?

Getting help

Check out @Kobun adminhelp for some quick information about administrator commands, and @Kobun help for information about user commands. Kobun will be a little bit empty to start with – don’t worry; you’ll be able to get some commands linked in no time!

Linking commands

The script library is Kobun’s repository of commands. Any script can be linked into Kobun via @Kobun link. Only linked scripts can be publicly used on your server.

For instance, you can run @Kobun link .g porpoises/google to link the command .g to the Google search script porpoises/google.

If you don’t want a command to be available anymore, you can use @Kobun unlink to remove it, e.g. @Kobun unlink .g.

Any server administrator will be able to run unlinked commands. For example, if you want to run porpoises/google without making it available for everyone, you can use @Kobun run porpoises/google directly.

Managing permissions

By default, the server founder and anyone with administrator permissions will be able to manage command linking. If you want to grant command management permissions to someone without granting such a broad range of permissions, create and grant a role named Kobun Administrators (it must be named exactly that).

Writing commands

Check out the scripting guide for information.